Pricing, what will our websites initially cost

The complexity and demands of a website vary massively. Therefore the design and build costs also vary from project to project. Most websites will have an initial build cost of between £500 and £3500. These prices exclude our optional extras of graphic design and SEO research. It also excludes site management and hosting costs. Check out our pricing factors below.
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Our custom website pricing is based on the following:

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This is a vital aspect of any project. We set the site up for you on our hosting plan if required. We require that you purchase the domain name for your site on a platform such as Godaddy. This is so if you decide you would like to move your hosting away from us that you already own the domain name. Once you have bought the domain name we can do the rest of the setting up

Custom website

Our sites are custom built for you, our client. We don’t use templates apart from dedicated e-commerce websites. Even then we apply huge customisation to the site. so each site requires individual focus, design and detail
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We discuss with you what you want from the site. Then we build a wire-frame (blueprint) of the site, after that we make a draft plan of the site for review. Both of these parts of the process allow you to make revisions about the design so we can move it in the desired direction. This creates true transparency and clarity of the sites direction.


Building your website with Gorilla Web Design gives you access to high quality and often expensive Wordpress plugins that you would need to otherwise personally purchase in order to use. These plugins include WP Grid Builder, Oxygen Builder, and to name just a few.

Depending on your sites functionality you may require extra plugins that we don’t have. In these circumstances we can purchase them for you. The purchase of these extra plugins will be agreed upon with you and we then will purchase and invoice you for them.
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Site Speed

The sites we build are made on professional builders that produce minimal code bloat. This coupled with our scalable hosting with Litespeed Caching and Cloudflare CDN means your site has the best chance of performing to the highest standard. Knowing Google ranks websites not only on usability, but also on speed means that these steps are a vital part of a successful modern website.

Although we select all our Wordpress plugins to be the fastest and best possible, your site may require other plugins to be sourced. These may slow down your sites speed.


Apart from in special cases These are £15 a month each. You may be quoted more than the £3500 if you require a very large e-commerce or complex membership site for example. All price quotations would be made clear to you prior to any contract agreements took place.
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Our optional website hosting and management plans

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What is your hosting price?

Our scalable hosting plan is a straightforward £15 a month. Learn more here

What is your website management price?

Our management plan which includes updates, monitoring security and performing scheduled backups is from £15 a month. Learn more here
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Leave it to us. This is for people looking for a package that protects your site
Plugin updates
24 hour site monitoring
Protective Firewall 
Incremental Cloud backups
Unlimited image optimization
Google Analytics Setup
Access to a number of Gorilla plugins
Cancel anytime
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On top of protections this Includes access to all of Gorillas plugins including those dedicated to getting leads, subscribers and customers
Plugin updates
24 hour site monitoring
Protective Firewall 
Incremental Cloud backups
Unlimited image optimization
Google Analytics Setup
Access to all Gorilla plugins
Cancel anytime
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