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Our entry WordPress Website hosting solution includes:
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Scalable hosting

scalable hosting

How does your scalable hosting work?

So your site is hosted with Gorilla Web Design, Great! The problem is that your sites traffic is getting too large for your hosting and it’s slowing your sites performance down. Don’t worry we can scale your site for you for no extra fee.

Litespeed Cache

litespeed cache

What is Litespeed cache?

Litespeed Cache is a high quality site acceleration plugin. It features server level caching and has a number of optimisation features:

• Automatic page caching to greatly improve site performance
• Private caching for logged on users
• Seperate caching of desktop and mobile views
• Ability to schedule cache purging
• Image optimization

Litespeed Cache facilitates super fast websites so you have the best chance of being ranked by google and keeping your customers happy.

99% uptime

website speed timer

You guarantee 99% uptime?

We all know downtime is a huge problem for sites. if your website is down, then your not making sales or generating traffic. On top of that it can also damage your company’s reputation and your customers may move to another competitor. Our hosting partner guarantees a 99.9% uptime. So you can carry on, business as normal, focusing on the more important facets of your business.

SSL certificate

SSL certificate

What's an SSL certificate? 

Every website should have an SSL certificate. This stands for Secure Socket Layer. This creates an encryption between a web browser and the server. SSL’s are added to sites in order to keep customer information private and secure.

You know a site has a SSL certificate running by the image of a padlock next to the URL in the address bar. Every site on the Gorilla Web Design hosting plan receives a free SSL certificate. We will set this up for you too as part of our hosting plan.

Cloudflare CDN setup

cloudflare cdn

What is cloudflare CDN?

Cloudflare is an incredibly powerful tool for protecting your website and boosting performance. It speeds up websites and reduces resource usage by caching the site and its resources. It then sends it to the user based on their location. Cloudflare has data centres in more that 250 cities across the world. So rest assured there is a Cloudflare data centre wherever you are.

Using cloudflare also means that the security of your site is also increased. by using Cloudflares edge network your site is further protected and secured. This is also useful with e-commerce sites as your customers data has a further layer of security. With our hosting plan we can set up cloudflare CDN on your website for no extra cost.

Our hosting plan size

Our website hosting plan is intended for small to medium size businesses. If your site will have extremely large traffic or database size then we will arrange a custom hosting package to suit your websites needs.
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